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Poonam Pandey says : Her Video is Working For Team INDIA


Poonam Pandey‘s Semi nude Works For Team INDIA

India Win Every Matches Against England since 19 yr old  model Poonam puts her Sexy Video OnLine.

When she put her first 2  video’s beefore matches online it become famous  on Youtube.

  1. My Bathing Secret
  2. Mirror Act

Paris Hilton Follows Poonam Pandey..

Poonam Said “Her Bathroom Secrets works for Team India”.

Even Youtube banned Poonam’s Video but after that it remove Bann. &

poonam puts third video online.


Youtube banned on Poonam Pandey 2 Videos : but she put 3rd one

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Well Known Model   ( For She will Be nude if India Win World cup) Poonam Pandey is Launch his new Websites and she had put his bathroom bath video  on her site….(

Youtube has banned its for mirror act-2 ….

—->>>In that videos she gave some hot pose in bikini while taking bath…<<<<—-

3rd One is more hot video  than previous ones…



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